Silk Purse offers programs that appeal to all age groups. We currently have 3 programs available for syndication:

Classic Cartoons with Prof. Spink Butlar and his best buddy, Hilberton.

Classic cartoons and analysis from the 1900's to the 1970's.

52x30' Barter Split 4/4


Classic and/or Cult Greats, with your host TXC-1159 who provides interesting information about the production, actors and the times. Adding a little wit and sarcasm. Additional features include, the Mysterious Intruder dressed as Max Headroom. This comedy segment was inspired by the Max Headroom intrusion of WGN Chicago in 1987. Alien Stand Up with Eddy the ET. And a condensed and abridged version of Space Patrol. This classic puppet animation has become a classic. The program is edited into two 4-6 minute segments, one per episode.

52x120' Barter Split 15/15

What The...

Classic and/or Cult Greats, with your host Ugarte. Features include "Skype from Beyond the Grave" with Zombie Barbie, "Last Words," a cryptic look into the last words of the most notorious in history.

52x120' Barter Split 15/15

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